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People sitting in Chairs at CMC Showcase '22 Event in Ramp up Factory


The California Mobility Center (CMC) is a public-private collaborative whose goal is to accelerate innovation and commercialization of new products, services, and technology in the clean mobility space. The CMC is focused on creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, large and small businesses, investors and academia to build world class companies.

CMC client rep and CMC member rep in front of Zeus Electric Chassis at CMC Showcase '22


The CMC orchestrates meaningful interactions between future mobility start-ups and industry-leading members.


The CMC provides future mobility innovators and industry incumbents with access to programs and resources that accelerate the pace of commercialization in California and worldwide. Areas of focus include smart and shared mobility solutions, fueling and charging infrastructure and automated, connected and electric vehicles for on and off-highway use.


Business Units
Zeus Electric Chassis CEO handing truck keys to SMUD CEO


The IC is an ecosystem of organizations and institutions that are involved with or impacted by the global transition to more intelligent, sustainable and equitable future mobility solutions. By fostering opportunities to collaborate across industries on meaningful project deployments and policy initiatives, the IC provides a new form of business engagement activity between innovators and those entities that desire to take innovation to the marketplace.

CMC ramp up factory with car lifts


The RUF serves to reduce friction in the innovation cycle by providing a cost-effective way to scale hard tech clean mobility products from first prototype to small-scale production.

The RUF also provides a location for hands-on experiential learning for WFD programs, and works with universities and local community colleges as a space for student projects and applied research in clean mobility prototyping and manufacturing, and provides a flexible space, equipment and labor usage on per hour/day/part pricing to meet customer needs.

woman welding at cmc ramp up factory

The CMC’s Career Pathways program supports the clean mobility industry with a tailored approach of creating a labor pool of skilled workers to ensure that companies can hire the talent they need to help them grow. The CMC’s Career Pathways program establishes regional supply chains for technical labor, provides start-ups with on demand access to student-interns and skilled labor on a project basis, and ensures priority communities have access to training and employment opportunities.


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