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Bollinger Motors and Pearce Renewables Join the California Mobility Center

Additions of Detroit-based manufacturer of the world’s only Class-3 all-electric trucks, leading national provider of renewable energy, and new board members further fuel the fast-growing future mobility commercialization hub

Sacramento, CA – August 18, 2021: The California Mobility Center(CMC) today announced two new agreements with Bollinger Motorsand Pearce Renewables as its most recent Client and Member, respectively, which increases the combined Client and Member roster to more than 25 companies since the CMC launched full commercial operations earlier this year.

The CMC also announced the addition of two board members, Julia Hamm, President and CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Elise Benoit, Head of Commercial Communications for Enel X – North America. Benoit also serves as VP of Marketing for Enel-X’s e-mobility division. Both Hamm and Benoit officially joined the CMC’s board of directors effective August 1st.