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Bollinger Motors and Pearce Renewables Join the California Mobility Center

Additions of Detroit-based manufacturer of the world’s only Class-3 all-electric trucks, leading national provider of renewable energy, and new board members further fuel the fast-growing future mobility commercialization hub

Sacramento, CA – August 18, 2021: The California Mobility Center(CMC) today announced two new agreements with Bollinger Motorsand Pearce Renewables as its most recent Client and Member, respectively, which increases the combined Client and Member roster to more than 25 companies since the CMC launched full commercial operations earlier this year.

The CMC also announced the addition of two board members, Julia Hamm, President and CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and Elise Benoit, Head of Commercial Communications for Enel X – North America. Benoit also serves as VP of Marketing for Enel-X’s e-mobility division. Both Hamm and Benoit officially joined the CMC’s board of directors effective August 1st.

“We are thrilled that Bollinger Motors and Pearce Renewables understand the value that the CMC brings to their commercialization goals,” said CMC Chief Operating Officer Mark Rawson. “We are equally excited about the clean technology and renewable energy expertise that Julia and Elise will lend to our Board of Directors.”

Bollinger Motors is an original equipment manufacturer that is reinventing the all-electric vehicle from the ground up. Headquartered in Detroit, Bollinger is developing class 3 all-electric vehicles for both consumer and commercial applications, including the B1 Sport Utility Truck, the B2 Pickup Truck, the B2 Chassis Cab, and the Chass-E.

“We are engineering a new class of vehicles designed to offer truly evolved EV solutions and answer the demand for a durable, powerful, and versatile class 3 EV,” said Robert Bollinger, Founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors. “I’m looking forward to working with the CMC and their mobility ecosystem as we seek to reduce fleet emissions through the deployment of electric-powered vehicles in California and across the globe.”

Pearce Renewables, a leading national provider of operations, maintenance, and engineering services for renewable wind, solar, EV charging, and energy storage infrastructure, also just joined the CMC as a Member. CMC Members have a vested interest in future mobility commercialization and in partnering with industry entrepreneurs and innovators.

“Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors and Pearce is one of the country’s fastest-growing renewable energy companies, making this partnership especially valuable for the clean mobility industry network,” said Pearce Renewables CEO, Mark McLanahan. “We are excited to partner with the CMC’s expanding network of entrepreneurs and innovators to optimize opportunities for us across technology, decarbonization, commercialization, and innovation.”

Separately, new board directors Julia Hamm and Elise Benoit bring valuable experiences and skillsets to the existing CMC Board of Directors.

Hamm is a visionary leader at the center of the transformation underway to a carbon-free energy future for more than 20 years. She is President and CEO of SEPA, has a deep understanding of the electric power sector, and strong relationships with hundreds of U.S. utility executives, technology company executives, and policymakers. Benoit has designed successful business strategies for energy startups and high-growth technology companies including AutoGrid, ICE Energy, Opower, CivicSolar, Autodesk, and Ask Jeeves.

“Julia and Elise bring expanded perspectives from the power and electric vehicle infrastructure industries that broaden our board’s overall proficiency,” said CMC Board Chair Arlen Orchard. “Their expertise is a wonderful complement to the diverse future mobility backgrounds already represented on the board and further broadens our strong cross-industry representation.”

The CMC is a non-profit, public-private entity partnering with global leaders in clean technology innovation including EnerTech, a venture capital firm with a focus on electrification, autonomy, smart mobility, and connectivity; PEM Motion, a consulting and engineering company that originated in Germany with a focus on sustainable technology; and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), a founding partner and funder that has led the way in electric vehicle (EV) testing, development and deployment of EVs in the Sacramento Region.


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