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California Increases Electric Vehicle Incentives

In an effort to increase clean mobility adoption among its residents, California has offered rebates on electric vehicles (EVs) since 2010 as incentives for customers to make the switch from gas-powered cars. A recent article from Electrek titled “California adds $1,500 incentive for new EVs, total state + fed incentives now up to $13.5K,” explains how that enticement just got even better.

With a recent refresh of the Clean Fuel Reward Program, customers statewide can now receive up to $1,500 by purchasing from a participating retailer before January 1, 2021. The best part? No application or additional paperwork is required. Many of the previous rebates required applications needing approval prior to a customer receiving any money back. This new Clean Fuel Reward simply takes $1,500 off the purchase (or lease) price of the vehicle.

This refresh is yet another example of how California is a trend-setter in the growing future mobility market. This rebate makes EVs accessible to more customers by lowering the EV purchase price to rival the price of traditional gas-powered cars, furthering overall market adoption.

To find participating retailers, eligible vehicles, and other incentives based on your zip code read Electrek’s full article here.


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