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Center Aims to Help California Grow Its Electric Vehicle Lead

The California Mobility Center recently opened in Sacramento as a one-stop location to grow next-gen transportation companies. The center will serve as a foothold for new companies in the state and the explosive EV market.

California is positioning itself as a leader in transportation innovation, expanding the electric vehicle ecosystem to grow not only the adoption of EVs, but their development as well.

The California Mobility Center officially opened March 11 in Sacramento and is the latest facility to help early stage transportation companies get a footing in a state whose No. 1 export is electric cars.

“California is the largest EV market in the western hemisphere,” said Mark Rawson, chief operating officer for the California Mobility Center (CMC). “The only market bigger is China. And California is where some of the most progressive policy is being made, that’s really driving the future mobility market, whether it’s electrification, or shared mobility, or new business models in mobility.”


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