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CMC Creates New EV Vitalization Working Group

By Mark Rawson, Chief Operating Officer, CMC

The California Mobility Center (CMC) is establishing the EV Fleet Vitalization Working Group (Working Group) under the purview of the CMC’s Compliance and Policy Committee (Committee) to collaborate on key advocacy issues impacting fleets’ successful transition to electric in California. The key areas of mutual interest include:

  • Medium- and Heavy-Duty Fleets Infrastructure Streamlining and Support

  • Light-Duty Fleets – CALeVIP Modifications

  • Streamlined Permitting and Interconnection

  • Total Cost of Ownership Standardization

This Committee comprised of CMC Members covers a broad landscape of important factors which impact the mobility industry. The Committee is chartered to identify the various elements of California’s policy and compliance landscape, prioritize CMC and membership’s objectives, and then develop and implement a strategy to achieve these mutual goals and objectives. Unique skills, experiences, relationships, and connections are required to navigate these issues. To support the CMC, California Strategies & Advocacy (CSA) has been secured as a key Strategic Partner and will lead the Committee and Working Group.