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CMC Launches New Member Committee for Workforce Development

By Michael Bell, Chairperson, Workforce Development Committee

Producing the right talent at the right time and place does not happen by accident. An intentional and orchestrated effort is needed to ensure that businesses have access to the talent they need to help their business and their industry grow. This is true for any industry, especially those undergoing rapid transformation. The new mobility sector is driving transformation across multiple industries spanning from manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and construction, to information and communications technologies.

Successful workforce development initiatives require the alignment and collaborative action of three major forces: employers, community advocates, and educators. The role of employers is to articulate hiring requirements and to define the skills needed to succeed in a particular role. Community-based organizations are key to ensuring the communities they serve are given equitable access to the opportunity for quality jobs, career advancement, and financial stability. Education providers of all types play a critical role in supporting the many possible pathways to opportunity. Education and training programs need to be flexible, aligned, and coordinated to support current and future labor market requirements.

The California Mobility Center (CMC) is launching the Workforce Development Committee (WDC) on Thursday, July 8. The WDC will provide a structure for the alignment and the ongoing collaboration to support the workforce needs of CMC Members and the growth of the new mobility sector. The WDC will help identify the skill sets necessary for successful business execution in companies ranging from early-to later stages of commercialization.

As a CMC Membership Committee, the WDC serves as the primary forum for interaction between Members on mutual matters of interest related to workforce development. As the market transitions away from petroleum-fueled transportation assets to more electrified and increasingly autonomous assets, businesses will undergo a shift in personnel requirements. The WDC will provide guidance to academic institutions, workforce development partners, and community-based organizations, helping identify the skills to cultivate a strong talent pipeline and support the growth of the new mobility sector.

The WDC is structured to provide ongoing strong partnerships between employers and industry leaders along the training, recruiting, and placement continuum that support the development of career pathways. The WDC will work closely with CMC Members and Preferred Service Providers to define anticipated workforce needs and to provide guidance on requirements for developing a workforce with the industry’s in-demand skill.

The CMC is excited to announce the formation of this new Membership Committee. I look forward to serving as its initial Chairperson and to working with Committee Members and other key partners to build a highly qualified workforce for new mobility.

For more information on the Workforce Development Committee, or to become a Member of the CMC, please email or fill out the form here.


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