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CMC's Chief Operating Officer Interviewed for Executive Profile of the Week

Every week the Sacramento Business Journal has an executive profile feature where they interview up-and-coming executives in the Sacramento area. Last week, the California Mobility Center's very own Chief Operating Officer, Mark Rawson, was the feature of the week.

The article, written by Mark Anderson, includes information about what an ideal startup client looks like and some of the perks of joining the CMC. For example, Rawson states that "companies can get early access to new transportation startups and developing technologies" while established manufacturers "get to field trials and pilot programs faster." The combination of these two benefits help startups to "determine early on if what they are working on is something the industry wants."

In addition to Rawson's excitement about the CMC, Anderson gives us a look at Mark Rawson beyond his title of COO. What got him into engineering, more about his role at SMUD, and a few other facts that may surprise you!

For subscribers of the Sacramento Business Journal, read the full article here, or view the PDF version of the article here.


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