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eSpotlight: California Strategies, LLC

Welcome to this week’s edition of eSpotlight, where we give our Partners, Members, Clients, and Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) a chance to tell their story about their work with the California Mobility Center (CMC) and what they bring to the future mobility table. This week we are featuring a post from Ted Harris, Partner at California Strategies.

In late 2020 we announced California Strategies as one of our first Preferred Service Providers. California Strategies, a full-service public affairs and consulting firm, is dedicated to successfully navigating CMC clients through the myriad pathways of California’s political and regulatory compliance environments.

Connecting Innovation with Opportunity

By Ted Harris, Partner, California Strategies

I’ve spent my career applying innovation to resolve environmental and mobility challenges and am thrilled that the CMC has formed to apply state-of-the-art transportation technologies from around the world to solve mobility challenges and combat climate change in the epicenter of clean transportation. The CMC serves the missing link in the commercialization continuum and the CMC’s facilities—with state-of-the-art prototyping and production equipment—will turn innovation into commercial technologies.

I’m honored to be part of the CMC to help Clients grow and deploy throughout California. California Strategies’ role is to help CMC Clients and Members navigate the complexities of California, accelerate technology advancement, ensure compliance, forge partnerships, and facilitate demonstrations and scaled deployments that implement California’s world-leading clean mobility programs. We look forward to guiding CMC Clients through the complex maze of permits, licenses, approvals, and moving them along the fastest path to financial sustainability. We’re especially excited to help the CMC bring technologies to California from around the world and provide a conduit to connect innovation with opportunity.


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