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eSpotlight: OpenGrants

Welcome to another edition of eSpotlight, where we give our Partners, Members, Clients, and Preferred Service Providers (PSPs) a chance to tell their story about their work with the California Mobility Center (CMC) and what they bring to the future mobility table. This week we are happy to feature a post written by OpenGrants, our Grant Funding Partner.

Unlocking Grant Funding for Future Mobility Startups

OpenGrants, CMC Grant Funding Partner

At OpenGrants, we’re thrilled to partner with the CMC to support access to grant funding for the world’s most promising and impactful future mobility startups.

The CMC is well on its way to becoming a global leader in future mobility, and we’re honored to support this work—not only to push mobility forward, but also to help make Sacramento (our home as well) a global hub for a critical, future-focused industry.

Combined, federal and state governments give out billions of dollars in non-dilutive capital each year to companies, projects and regions that are working on technology and innovation that will improve the world and drive humanity forward. Grants have long acted as a proven and effective method for the public sector to support technology and innovation—to advance economic development and global competitiveness. In fact, Silicon Valley was originally kick started with grants and federal contracts for early chip makers.

The challenges with grants are that they’re often difficult to find (scattered across a variety of government websites), and confusing and time-consuming to apply for. This causes some of the greatest innovations to go without grant funding, while less qualified incumbent organizations are awarded. Or, sometimes, the funds aren’t used at all.

At OpenGrants we’re out to change that, with a national grant search engine and expert marketplace where verified grant professionals can help startups find and win funding. CMC is an ideal partner for us because it’s quite literally fostering and developing the technologies and companies that will change the landscape of mobility and disrupt the status quo. We’re proud to play our own small role in the CMC’s work, and we look forward to watching it grow in the months and years to come.


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