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Free Public Webinar: Membership Activities and Events

Membership Gives Mobility Early-Stage Companies and Industry Incumbents a Leg Up on Innovation and Successful Commercialization

By Mark Rawson, Chief Operating Officer, CMC

After a career spanning more than 25 years in energy and mobility technology research, development, and commercialization, the CMC is an organization that finally scratches an itch I’ve had for years — to try to unlock the true power of innovation to deliver real, timely customer and societal benefits.

The CMC’s commercial collaborative brings innovators, in early-stage companies and large incumbent companies alike, together in an entirely new way, built around an ecosystem of Clients (early-stage companies), Members (industry incumbents), and Preferred Service Providers (experts in providing high caliber commercialization services to start-ups).


For Members, the CMC has three primary value streams:

Client Interactions: There are several ways for a Member to work with a Client, ranging from a low level of involvement to something much more hands-on and collaborative. The Client-Member Partnering Program allows Members to observe Client projects; advise the Client in their projects; serve as a demonstration host of the Client’s technology, product, or service; or ultimately act as a deployment partner and go-to-market partner with a Client launching their products or services into the marketplace.

Member Interactions: Companies from all industry sectors — large to small industrial or tech companies, along with academic institutions and government representatives — join as colleagues to discuss the systemic hurdles across relevant industries and develop approaches to reduce, or even remove, those hurdles. These activities are facilitated through membership-driven committees that will initially focus on regulatory requirements, technology advancements, and workforce development issues.

Thought Leadership: As part of our thought leadership activities, Preferred Service Providers, Clients, Partners, and even CMC Board Members will present pertinent information — with insights ranging from technology innovation to California policy and regulation — to Members monthly in our Thought Leadership Webinar Series, which launches next month.


On May 18, the CMC will host a public webinar to introduce our membership activities launching in the coming weeks and months, including the launch of our Thought Leadership Webinar Series and Membership Committees.

Prospective Members and Clients will have the opportunity to learn about our Membership Programs and Services. Bonus: When an early-stage company is selected to be a Client of the CMC, they receive free membership and can participate in all Membership Programs and Services.

At the May 18 webinar, the CMC and its Partners will give a preview of the topics to be shared in upcoming Thought Leadership Webinars and Membership Committees. Guidehouse and California Strategies, partners of the CMC and Preferred Service Providers, will be highlighted.

Scott Shepard from Guidehouse Insights will provide a preview of the type of market research they conduct in the mobility sector to be presented in our Webinar Series. Claire Van Zuiden from California Strategies will present their process for helping Clients and Members navigate the regulatory road map in California to help Clients and industry incumbents be best positioned for effective partnering relationships with key California agencies and local air districts who play a key role in advanced mobility deployments. Lastly, I will present the calendar of events for the Membership activities for 2021.

Watch the recording of this webinar below to learn more about the CMC programs and services, hear from our Preferred Services Providers, and identify ways your organization can plug into a new innovation model offered by the CMC.


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