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Free Public Webinar: Navigating California’s Billions of Dollars of Investment in Advanced Transport

The CMC is inviting you to join a complimentary webinar, California Incentive Roadmap: Navigating California’s Billions of Dollars of Investment in Advanced Transportation, being held live on Zoom Wednesday, December 14th at 9am PST. This event is part of our Thought Leadership series which is typically Members-only, so make sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer before we close them to the public!

The State of California and Federal Government are making historic public investments to support clean vehicles, infrastructure, and manufacturing. There are billions of dollars of funding available now to help accelerate the deployment of clean cars, trucks, buses, and the associated clean vehicle infrastructure.

The California Mobility Center is hosting the California Incentive Roadmap Webinar on December 14th at 9am PT, which will provide a detailed overview of these recently approved state and federal investments, including:

  1. The California Air Resources Board’s $1.5B investment in clean cars, trucks, buses, and mobility options

  2. The California Energy Commission’s $1.4B investment in clean vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing

  3. The Federal infrastructure bill’s $7.5B investment for alternative fuel charging, primarily for electric vehicle chargers and supporting infrastructure

This webinar is an opportunity to learn more about these robust public funding opportunities and next steps to secure state and federal incentives to deploy clean vehicles and infrastructure, as well as scale zero-emission vehicle and infrastructure manufacturing in California.

Please join us for a conversation on California’s investment plans for advance transportation, followed by a Q&A with the audience!

Catch the recording below.


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