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Future Mobility Companies Invited to Demonstrate Innovative Products at the CMC Showcase ’22

Last month at the CMC Showcase ’22, the CMC hosted over 330 industry leaders including representatives from automotive OEM and Tier 1 suppliers, early-stage company founders, California government officials and Congresspeople, C-level executives, national media personnel, over 30 top utility executives from across the United States and many international future mobility representatives.

In addition to lightning talks from industry leaders, government speakers and the first public tour of our Ramp-up Factory, we welcomed several of our Clients as well as other future mobility companies to take part in an expo to demonstrate their innovative products.

CMC Clients that showcased their company on the expo floor included:

Arcimoto is an electric vehicle company who makes Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVs). Their FUVs, which have a top speed of 75 MPH, have two-seats and three-wheels with a range of 102 city miles per charge. Arcimoto had two of their FUVs at the Showcase and offered attendees the chance to take one of them for a spin around the parking lot while the other was featured on the expo floor.

Intertie showcased their electric vehicle charger. Their microgrid technology advances California’s ‘Grid of the Future’ by increasing a site’s energy resiliency through its ability to operate independently from the grid during times of crisis or power outages. It also simultaneously manages a property’s energy use, integrates solar, provides backup power and delivers electric vehicle charging; while increasing grid reliability & efficiency and adding value to the underlying real estate.

Ztractor brought their autonomous electric tractor, the Bearcub-24. This model collects real-time agriculture data while operating in the field. The sensors, cameras, and measuring equipment are generating unique set of big data. The IoT framework with machine learning algorithm interprets the data to achieve higher efficiency, improve plant condition and increase yield at every farm.