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Innovating Future Mobility for Global Scale

If you missed our TechCrunch session earlier this month, you’re in luck. Join Neal Best, the CMC’s Director of Client Services, and Bill Brandt, Business Development Advisor at Zeus Electric Chassis (one of the CMC’s Clients), as they explain how the CMC’s programming is unique, innovative, and game-changing.

Bill provides insight as to how the CMC has helped Zeus and why he would re-join as a Client any day. He also points out that you do not need to be in California to utilize the CMC. However, California does have the most aggressive mandates in the country and there are several states that are a part of the US Climate Alliance which are taking on the same approach as California. Basically, if you adhere to California mandates you should be set anywhere in the country.

Neal explains the process of becoming a Client of the CMC in more detail, starting with what to expect on your first thirty-minute discovery call. The CMC utilizes this time to “understand what your current pain points are as a company as you’re moving through your commercialization journey and to try and align those pain points with [the CMC’s] service provider network.” He compares the CMC to a concierge service – instead of going to multiple stakeholders, the CMC helps early-stage companies navigate all the different service providers. By becoming a Client of the CMC, you have a partner who truly understands the journey you’re on and understands the context of everything you’ve gone through. The CMC can then provide that context to service providers to remove any friction and the need to start relationships cold.

Watch the full video, below, for more details.


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