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Innovating Innovation: Video 1

With the official commercial launch of the California Mobility Center (CMC) taking place tomorrow, we thought it was a good time to introduce our new video series, Innovating Innovation. Our very own marketing strategist, Lou Carmellini, leads our chief operating officer, Mark Rawson, and senior partner, Scott Ungerer, through a series of frequently asked questions about the CMC.

Many of our team members have heard, “what exactly does the CMC do?” and, “what areas of future mobility does the CMC focus on?”

If you are wondering the same thing, this first video is for you!

Scott helps us understand what future mobility means and provides clear understanding of the verticals within the future mobility sector that the CMC will provide support to. He points out that we are currently “working on prioritizing subsectors where the industry needs intersect with the capabilities of the CMC,” focusing on what our Clients’ and Members’ highest priorities are.

Another question the CMC is frequently asked is, “what led to the creation of the CMC?” To answer this question, Mark explains the gaps in the industry that led to the CMC’s formation, including the need for a different kind of relationship between industry incumbents and early-stage mobility companies that would result in their product or service getting to market more quickly, and with less risk and expense.

Keep an eye out for the second Innovating Innovation video, coming next Wednesday, when Mark explains why succeeding in the California market is so imperative to global success, and Scott dives into the reasons behind the friction in relationships between industry incumbents and early-stage innovation companies.


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