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Innovating Innovation: Video 2

Welcome back to Innovating Innovation with our very own marketing strategist, Lou Carmellini, chief operating officer, Mark Rawson, and senior partner, Scott Ungerer. In each video, Lou, Mark, and Scott answer some of the frequently asked questions about the CMC and give some insight into the mission of the CMC. If you missed the first video posted last week, take a peak here.

In this week’s video, Mark explains why succeeding in the California market is vital to global success for mobility companies. Scott dives into some of the issues faced in many of the relationships between big industry players and early-stage innovation companies. He provides detailed insight from his experience throughout his career as a venture capitalist working with companies on both sides of these partnerships.

Next week’s video will go deeper into these partnership issues and difficulties early-stage companies face when trying to navigate the California market. Hint: the California Mobility Center (CMC) was structured to be a single point of access for early-stage companies to the existing California ecosystem in a seamless way. Lou, Mark, and Scott also discuss how the CMC will make the relationship between industry incumbents and early-stage innovation companies work better.



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