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Innovating Innovation: Video 4

Welcome to the last video in our Innovating Innovation mini-series. Our very own marketing strategist, Lou Carmellini, chief operating officer, Mark Rawson, and senior partner, Scott Ungerer are back to answer a few more of the questions frequently asked about the CMC and give some insight into the mission of the CMC. If you missed any of the first three videos, please click the images below!

To wrap up the series, Lou, Mark, and Scott dive into an in-depth discussion about the CMC ecosystem. What do Clients, Members, and Preferred Service Providers bring to the table and what benefits do they receive by joining the CMC family? This video also addresses how the CMC is different than other resources out there on the market – watch below to learn what gap we fill in the growing future mobility ecosystem!

We hope these videos have provided insight to the innerworkings of the CMC as well as our growing ecosystem. If you would like to learn more, please email us at!


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