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The CMC Ramp-up Factory: Where Hardware Innovation Happens

Join Marc Döerfer, COO of PEM Motion USA and Director of Technology at the CMC, as he discusses PEM Motion’s involvement in the formation of the CMC. Marc also speaks to the rising demand for a ramp-up factory based in Sacramento and the story of how the CMC has made that happen.

The initial 25,000 square foot ramp-up facility, located in Depot Park in the heart of Sacramento, offers advanced manufacturing and prototyping, field testing and validation, market entry, and other commercialization services. There is still more to come in the future with a planned expansion to a collaborative 150,000 square foot ramp-up facility at The Hub: Sacramento State Research Park, bringing industry players, academic research, and regulatory processes together under one roof.

With its offerings including the ramp-up factory, the CMC brings together a series of fragmented pieces of this growing industry, essentially innovating the idea of innovation itself in the future mobility space.

Watch Marc’s video below to learn more!


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