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Lisa MacKie


Lisa MacKie is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the California Mobility Center (CMC). Lisa joined the CMC in 2019 and is responsible for creating the CMC brand and building awareness, coordinating marketing projects from beginning to end, and creating and managing all CMC communication channels. She is fortunate to manage an amazing team of professionals who are creative, hardworking, and passionate about the CMC’s mission. Lisa is also responsible for managing internal and external events and PR for the CMC.

Prior to the CMC, Lisa worked in New Business Development at SMUD and concentrated on developing new energy products and services that leveraged SMUD’s intellectual property and expertise. She worked on creating a new net revenue program, Infrastructure as a Service, focusing on the installation of Level 2 electric vehicle chargers in residences and businesses.

Lisa has a strong background in marketing and product development with a focus on brand and creative development, message testing, market opportunity research, product concept testing, and marketing mix optimization for Levi Strauss & Co, Sega of America, Inc. and Intel Corp. She has 18 years of experience in the utility industry for SMUD and PG&E.

In her spare time, Lisa is passionate about yoga, with over 900 hours of training and a focus on teaching incarcerated youth, men, and women. You can also find her traveling the world or skiing with her partner in Colorado and Lake Tahoe.

Lisa MacKie
Lisa MacKie
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