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California Mobility Center Helps Companies Contribute to States Transportation Transformation

Walking into the California Mobility Center’s first anniversary meeting, you might be struck by the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed energy of the men and women of a wide range of ages and their infectious enthusiasm for what they were presenting. But if you stepped back and went deeper you would hear about the path that led them to California Mobility Center.

The California Mobility Center (CMC) is an incubator, offering those with an idea help where they need it. Some may seek help with understanding how to take their concept of a viable mobility solution to a major problem and build it into a reality. For others, it may be help seeking critical initial financing or guidance from experienced hands who can point out potential pitfalls, specialists in a variety of old and new technologies and teachers who can provide assistance in material selection for software or hardware.

The world has lots of incubators. What differentiates CMC? CMC is a very different animal altogether. To dive deeper we talked with one of CMC’s supporters, Dr. Alberto Alberto Ayala, CEO of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. He is a BS/MS/PhD engineer who had a key role that isolated the critical elements that yielded the undeniable evidence of Volkswagen’s cheating in the Dieselgate scandal. Quotes are from our exclusive interview with him.


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