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A Workforce Aligned to Industry Demand Means Success for California Future Mobility

The California Mobility Center (CMC) has launched one of the first major initiatives in conjunction with Sacramento State and the City of Sacramento – the Green Mobility Career Pathways Bootcamp. This 12-day career preparation bootcamp is designed to assist students seeking career pathways into clean energy mobility and manufacturing.

The Bootcamp includes Industry & Policy talks with industry leaders, hands-on team project and proposal experience, resume and job search workshops, and modern career skills and entrepreneurship coaching. At the conclusion of the bootcamp the students are well equipped to provide proposals to address hurdles that the future mobility industry must overcome to enable mass scale adoption of clean technologies.

The CMC brought industry leaders together for this initiative to demonstrate to students the potential of a career in this exciting, growing industry. This integrated workforce development approach from the CMC is part of its core value.

The CMC’s mission is to enable clean mobility products to reach full commercialization rapidly, and a critical part of this mission is aligning a strong workforce development pipeline to support growth in the future mobility sector.

Throughout our feasibility phase in market research studies with industry leaders, we heard time and again about the critical importance of having access to a workforce that has the requisite skills to help power the growth of new mobility solutions. Without access to this workforce, these companies will not have the ability to scale and reach their full commercial potential.

This led the CMC to establish a $1.4 million partnership with the City of Sacramento, through its CARES Act funding, to kick start the alignment of the local workforce development providers to the future mobility industry.