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The CMC's Statement in Response to the Sacramento City Council’s Vote

City Council Meeting

The California Mobility Center issues this statement in response to the

Sacramento City Council’s vote to appropriate potential

transportation tax funds to future mobility initiatives:

“The California Mobility Center (CMC) is pleased that Sacramento City officials pledged support tonight in a 6-2 vote with one abstention that paves the way to further advance clean transportation and technologies. If Sacramento voters affirm the proposed Citizen’s Transportation Tax initiative in Sacramento County this November, the portion of funds that the CMC receives will translate into direct benefit for the region and for all those who pursue a life, education and career here.

The CMC is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that educates, promotes and expedites the deployment and adoption of clean and safe transportation technologies and solutions, accelerates greenhouse gas emission reductions in the transportation sector, promotes job growth and inclusive economic development in the clean mobility sector and advances e-mobility workforce development programs with an emphasis on promoting training and job opportunities for residents of underserved communities.

The CMC’s mission is consistent with the goals of this transportation tax and today’s vote of support is a vote for investing in a future focused on clean transportation technology, climate mitigations, and education and training programs needed to prepare a ready workforce for critical advanced manufacturing, clean energy, and future mobility jobs.

If the initiative comes to pass for the CMC, 100% of the City’s investment will be spent within the City. The benefits however will have far-reaching impact. An economic impact study conducted by Applied Economics in 2021 concluded the CMC’s efforts can achieve:

- $2.5 billion economic impact in the region (assuming the Clean Mobility Innovation Center is built in year 2) - Up to 16,000 new jobs, direct and indirect - Upskilling of over 2,500 people by 2029 - Over 3,500 high school, community college, and university student job training in a five-year period - 600 paid internship opportunities with or through the CMC over the next 5 years

These funds will also accelerate an important partnership between the CMC and Sacramento State already underway to build a state-of-the-art mobility industry acceleration facility called “The Hub”. The Hub will provide qualifying, future mobility start-ups from around the world with a faster path to commercialize for their clean mobility-focused products, services, and technologies. Once complete, the facility – located in the Power Inn Alliance property-based improvement district and a Federally designated Opportunity Zone – will include a state-of-the-art ramp-up factory, classroom, and training space, expanding service options to start-ups, and providing extensive workforce training opportunities to provide career pathways for residents of underserved communities. The Facility will serve as a critical initial step for the development of the City Council approved Sacramento Center for Innovation (“SCI”) Specific Plan area. For all these reasons, the CMC appreciates the City’s leadership for advancing this important work and hope that voters approve the ballot measure this November.”


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