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The CMC Welcomes UL’s Mary Joyce to Board of Directors

The CMC is happy to announce that Mary Joyce, global vice president and general manager of UL’s Mobility and Automotive group, has joined our board of directors! UL’s Automotive and Mobility division helps OEM’s, suppliers, municipalities and governments around the world ensure safe, secure and sustainable products in the mobility industry. We are thrilled to have Mary join our board; her expertise and perspective around certification will be an incredible benefit to CMC Clients seeking safety certifications on their products.

Mary’s safety and certification expertise will not only be beneficial to our Clients seeking national certifications, but international certifications as well. In addition to being Global VP at UL, she has previously worked at SGS, a leading global testing, inspection and certification company in Europe. Her vast knowledge of the testing and certification industry, and its key players, is extremely valuable to support the CMC’s goal of adding these capabilities to our PSP network.

Mary has over 30 years of international technology and entrepreneurial experience in the transportation sector, including more than 20 years in a variety of management and technical roles at major automotive companies such as Chrysler Automobiles, Daimler Chrysler and Chrysler Corporation. During this time, she was awarded 14 U.S. patents in the areas of alternate propulsion and electronics.

Joyce leverages her experience and leadership to develop and deliver solutions focusing on safety, security and sustainability in the mobility industry, particularly focusing on the ACES transformation, the four interdependent mega-trends transforming the automotive industry: autonomy, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility.

Joyce serves as a special advisor of EnerTech Capital and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s degree electrical engineering and an MBA, all from Oakland University.

You can learn more about Mary’s impressive background on her LinkedIn, here.


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