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Launching the CMC Compliance and Policy Committee

By Claire Van Zuiden, Partner, California Strategies & Advocacy

Chair, CMC Compliance and Policy Committee

California is a leader in advanced mobility with strong climate regulations, robust incentives to deploy low and zero-emission transportation, and an unparalleled workforce, private capital, and innovation-centric economy. However, California is complicated. With over 200 state agencies, departments, commissions, and boards, as well as a full-time legislature, it is challenging to narrow the focus to identify the key entities that oversee advanced mobility and transportation and navigate the numerous requirements, regulations, bills, and incentives.

Fortunately, the California Mobility Center (CMC) is launching the Compliance and Policy Committee (Committee) on May 27th to help the CMC’s Members and Clients understand California’s policy and regulatory landscape and advocate for relevant policies, regulations, and incentives. The Committee’s Members will identify the challenges and hurdles in the current mobility ecosystem and then develop and pursue strategies to address these friction points to help accelerate the pace of advanced transportation development and deployment.

As a key Strategic Partner, California Strategies & Advocacy (CSA) will support the Committee and help CMC Members and Clients understand the complexities of California, accelerate technology advancement, ensure compliance, forge partnerships, and facilitate demonstrations and scaled deployments that implement California’s world-leading clean mobility programs.

I’m honored to Chair the CMC Compliance and Policy Committee. As a Partner at CSA, I have dedicated my career to advancing and advocating for policies and programs to support innovative mobility. Since joining the firm 12 years ago, I have helped align client’s technologies and priorities with California’s environmental and economic goals, including developing successful strategies to grow clean technology companies, tailoring and securing incentives, and advocating for advanced transportation policies and programs.

Interested in learning more about the Compliance and Policy Committee and/or CMC Membership? Please reach out to or apply to the CMC here.


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